Live interview with Stephen M. Covey today


How do you follow the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People?  Well, Stephen Covey’s son, Stephen M. Covey has followed it with “The SPEED of Trust”.

The lack of this one thing, trust,  could damage your company, your personal reputation, and your relationships.  But can we learn to improve it? restore it when it’s lost?

In his book ‘The SPEED of Trust’ Covey outlines the 5 waves of trust

  1. Self trust – how to improve your credibility with the 4 cores of credibility (integrity, intent, capabilities and results) and how you need all four to be credible.
  2. Relationship trust  – how you can build trust through consistent behaviour (included in the 13 behaviours that are common to high-trust leaders are demonstrate respect, show loyalty, clarify expectations and listen first)
  3. Organisational trust – how leaders can build trust into their structures, systems and symbols of trust
  4. Market Trust – your reputation in the market will determine whether people will buy from you or not
  5. Societal trust based on your contribution to others – to give back rather than take, to create value rather than destroy it.

His book has changed the landscape of how we look at the way we do business, and TODAY, Monday 24th June at 5PM BST Talent Dynamics co-founder Michelle Clarke will be conducting an exclusive interview with Stephen all about how trust drives employee engagement, enables success in the midst of change, and is the greatest leverage for executing your top priorities.

For your chance to put your questions to Stephen and listen in to this live interview, register your place on the call here. Please not there will NOT be a recording of this interview.


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