Value your managers – or you could lose 65% of your staff

Value your managers or you could lose 65% of your staff!

In today’s Sunday Times Best Companies list the one key element that is highlighted as the most directly correlated to success is good management. This is closely followed by good leadership so if you get both right you are not only going to be financially successful but have a motivated and inspired work force too.

Some of the highlights of the report:
•Malcolm Walker of Iceland, winner of the Best Big Company to work for 2012, says that the difference in sales for the company with a motivated manager versus a demotivated manager can be at least 20%.
•The coverage of the award states that the Best Companies featured in the list have a higher number of good mangers that encourage the personal development of their team as well as absorb the pressures from above.
•It goes on to say that 65% of staff who have a manager who does not listen to them or share information would leave tomorrow if they were offered another job.
•Where employees feel their manager doesn’t listen to them, 77% feel their company is taking advantage of them and are not motivated.

Couple this with the results of the survey released last week by the Chartered Management Institute which states that nearly half of UK managers are viewed as “ineffective” by their staff. The survey* proves that organisational performance and management abilities are clearly linked with 39% of managers in low performing businesses deeming their line managers to be effective, compared to 80% in high performing organisations.

So what does all this tell us? That in a difficult economic climate, the way forward for improving revenue is to make sure your managers are fully trained, fully aware of their importance on their staff as well as on the company results and that the importance of good management cannot be underestimated.

Are we asking too much of our managers? Can we expect them to be Superheroes?

Superhero managers need at least these 3 things
1.The right mindset that they are there for the team; to listen to them, encourage them and take responsibility for them
2.Great communication skills to manage upwards, downwards and sideways so that everyone is well informed and able to do their job to their best ability.
3.Great organisational skills to deploy the right resources at the right time to be effective as well as efficient.

I have developed a programme for discovering and uncovering Superhero Sales Managers as I believe the future of UK companies’ success lies here. If you are interested in an induction programme that will save you time and effort getting a new manager up to speed and may make at least 20% difference to your bottom line and save up to 65% of your sales force leaving in just 7 days please go to

*The CMI-Penna report, produced with Henley Business School, draws on findings from almost 4,500 managers, including over 300 CEOs and 550 HR managers.

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