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Have you ever had to recruit a new Sales Manager before they were really ready?

My 3- step programme will help you prepare and support your Sales Managers through the transition process from Sales Representative to Managing teams.

Step 1     Induction: What kind of Superhero Sales Manager are they?

Happy and relaxed Sales Director

(a) The first step is to uncover the particular skills, strengths and value that each sales manager brings to your company.  This unique assessment tool, Talent Dynamics uncovers this and a lot more.  You are provided with a 20 page report on their leadership style, communication preferences, strengths and areas they will need support in.  This can be followed up by a personal debrief with me to get behind the statistics and plan their best strategy for leading their team, and getting results fast.  At this stage you pay just £309 per person for an assessment profile, a 20 page report and 90 minutes 1:1 focus session to apply your personality profile results to your work and career.   This can be followed up by a goal specific mentoring plan if necessary.

(b) Another option is a one day course for new Sales Managers to understand themselves and their teams better.

The programme focuses on:

  • How your personality profile can be used for more effective communication and leadership
  • How to manage difficult team members
  • Where to focus your efforts in order to shine in your new career
  • Course includes free Talent Dynamics profile for everyone attending (worth £149)
  • £449 per person

Step 2        Superhero Sales Team Dynamics

By combining the Talent Dynamics scores for your Management Team or your Sales Team I can demonstrate to you:

  • why your team may be lacking in performance
  • if some people are in the wrong roles and need to be deployed elsewhere
  • enhance the team’s performance to really flow and get better results more effecitvely.

A taster session is just £597 for 2 hours (without profiles)

or a full day session including profile reports for up to 10 people in your team for £2,497 will provide you with a fully customised day event for your specific needs and the answers to the above questions for your team.

Step 3     Superhero Sales Manager Success: 7 day induction course

The SUCCESS programme for Superhero Sales Managers. Includes 3 days of training and 4 days of applied activities back in the office (includes Talent Dynamics Assessment tool and debrief – What kind of Superhero Sales Manager are you?)

  • Day 1 Superhero Sales Manager mindset (activities in the office)
  • Day 2  Understanding yourselves and the team (off site training)
  • Day 3  Command the sales activities – back in the office
  • Day 4  Commit to motivate others – back in the office
  • Day 5  Engage and communicate skills training (off site)
  • w/e
  • Day 6 Show accountability and initiative  – back in the office
  • Day 7 Set priorities –consolidate the course, share quick wins and set priorities for the next quarter. (off site training)
  • £3,497 pp


Sales Presentations

Do you feel comfortable and confident giving presentations to groups of potential clients or investors?  Is your content compelling and engages them from start to finish?  How is your conversion rate from your sales presentations?  If any of these could be improved find out more about the Confident, Compelling Presentation Secrets that Convert programme.

At £1997 for up to 4 people, your company could cover that cost with just one presentation after the course. Your sales team are filmed at the beginning of the course and at the end with the services of David Pollock of Amatis Film Ltd. The skills are honed by David Pollock and Nicola Bonfanti so that your audience feels you are an expert in your field, you have their needs in mind and are happy and willing to sign up for your services. For more information contact

Sales Team Meetings

Need some inspiration and stimulation for your regular Sales Team meeting?  I will guest chair and present at your Sales Team meeting, saving you time and stress. I will address any issues you have been putting off, give an outsider-best-practice review of your sales methods and processes to date and set targets and goals for the following meeting. Give yourself a break and get your tricky issues tackled all in one affordable solution.

For more details call me on my personal mobile 07734361923.


To get a free quotation or trial version of any of these services, please call 0800 0932883 or email