Are you putting your client first?

Are you putting your client first, or your sale?

How big a part of your job is giving sales presentations to a GROUP of potential clients? It’s probably more often than the 1:1sales meeting now, isn’t it?
Clients don’t want to take risks so often have more than one buyer in a decision…
What you are selling has to be compliant with more than one department…
For whatever reason you will probably find yourself standing up in front of an audience with the aim of convincing them all to buy your product rather than sitting over a coffee discussing it with one person.

I was recently running an in-company presentation course and a Sales Manager on the course was very much focused on the sale, as you would expect.
But how does that make his audience feel?
If he starts his presentation with,
“By the end of this presentation I will demonstrate why you should be working with us”
how would you feel as part of that audience?!

If I was in the audience I’d be thinking, I’m in for a hard sell presentation and I’d put my barriers up, be very cynical about everything that was said and believe that the presenter was more focused on getting a sale than understanding my needs.

If however he’d opened with some questions to ascertain my most burning problems and then started the presentation with “In the next 30 minutes I’ll demonstrate to you how we can save you time, save money and help you expand your business without increasing your headcount”, I would have sat up, listened and taken notes on how my problems were going to be solved.

Show yourself to be a Superhero for your clients by focusing on the value you deliver that answers their problems.
Also if the presenter had delivered on that promise, tailoring his offering to their specific needs and wants, the value of whatever he was selling would be clear to the audience as it gives them a solution to their burning problems. That way price negotiations would be a lot easier at the end.

So putting your audience’s needs first and foremost in your sales presentations is more likely to get you the sales than focusing on the sale alone. If you aren’t already doing that, try it and see. Let me know how it works for you.

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